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Prospectus Table of Contents

Include a Table of Contents for your prospectus outlining the major sections and subsections with page references.

Textbook Description

Provide a brief description of your book in the context of an already established market. Who is the student audience for your textbook? Who is the teaching audience for your textbook? Outline the compelling reasons for writing your textbook specifically mentioning two or three needs in the market and benefits provided by your textbook. What are the outstanding features of your textbook? How is your approach different from what has already been published? What are the key pedagogical features in your plan (quotes, headnotes, boxed material, marginal notes, glossaries, etc.)? What supplements are vital to your textbook's success? Describe the art program including an estimation of the number of line drawings, photographs, maps, etc. Of these supplements, which will you write and what support can you provide for the others? Have you used any or all of this material in your classroom? Have others used this material in their classrooms? What is the length of your textbook in manuscript pages and in words using double-spaced, 81/2 x 1 1 sheets? What software are you using to prepare your manuscript? What is your schedule for completing the textbook once you receive the first advance payment?

Market Description

Define the course and curriculum appropriate for your textbook. Are there specific elements of a standard syllabus for this course that would help match the course with your textbook? Are there any subsidiary markets for your textbook (other courses, other academic or business markets, international markets, trade markets)? Do you have a sense of how large the market is for your textbook? Have you done any market research to help define the size of the market? Are there any new trends developing?