Dear Professor:

I am delighted to introduce you to The Rosenberg Group. This is the only literary agency in the United States with an expertise in college textbook publishing. I have nine years college publishing experience as a development editor and senior acquiring editor. I have been involved with the publication of some of the most successful textbooks and textbook packages in the industry including: Gardner’s Art through the Ages, Tenth Edition; and Fundamentals of Financial Management, Sixth Edition.

Among my current clients are Donald M. Murray, Pulitzer-prize winning journalist for The Boston Globe; Dr. Bruce Ballenger, Director of Composition, Boise State University; Dr. Carol Lea Clark, Director of First-year Composition, University of Texas at El Paso; Dr. Deborah H. Holdstein, University Professor of English and Rhetoric, Governor’s State University; and Bill Alves, Assistant Professor of Music, Harvey Mudd College. I provide professional representation to the most under represented group of writers in all of publishing – the college textbook author. My services include advice on developing and positioning textbook proposals; contract review and negotiation; strategizing marketing plans to promote books within a publishing house and in the general marketplace; counseling on electronic rights; and planning textbook writing careers.

The Rosenberg Group was created to help textbook writers make sense of the changes in the publishing industry and increase their earning potential. Currently I am most interested in introductory projects. I will consider any query for a mainstream undergraduate course. I am also accepting queries for nonfiction and fiction works in specific areas (please review my Areas of Interest page).


Barbara Collins Rosenberg