Dear Writer:

The Rosenberg Group is accepting new clients working in romance fiction (please see my Areas of Interest for specific romance sub-genres); women’s fiction and “chick lit.” If you are interested in my representing your work please mail me a query letter. Please do not query me by email or fax, I will not respond to either.

Your query letter should not exceed one page in length. It should include the title of your work, the genre and/or sub-genre; the manuscript’s word count; and a brief description of the work. If you are writing category romance, please be certain to le me know the line for which your work is intended. Make certain to include a #10 SASE with your query letter. If one is not included I cannot respond to your query.

Should your letter intrigue me I will then ask you to send a complete synopsis and the first three chapters of your manuscript. Please do not send a synopsis and chapters prior to their being requested; unrequested synopses and chapters will be returned unread.

If after reading your synopsis and three chapters I remain interested in your work I will ask to see the complete manuscript. At that time I will ask for a term of exclusivity. The term maybe as short as two weeks or as long as eight weeks, it will depend on the Agency’s demands at a given time.

Fiction is difficult to sell. It is a subjective market. I must be totally committed to a project before agreeing to represent your book. Should I pass on your work, my decision doesn’t lessen the quality of your efforts. It simply means that The Rosenberg Group isn’t the right agency for your book.


Barbara Collins Rosenberg