Dear Writer:

I am delighted to introduce you to The Rosenberg Group. I bring more than 15 years of sales and editorial experience to agenting. The agency was founded in June 1998. Nearly one-third of my active projects are nonfiction works. In fact, the Agency’s first sale was a nonfiction book sold at auction to The Ballantine Publishing Group.

Among my current clients are Donald M. Murray, Pulitzer-prize winning journalist for The Boston Globe; Rob Bradford who covers the Boston Red Sox and Boston Celtics for The Lowell Sun; and Sherri Nist and Jodi Holschuh of The University of Georgia. My services include advice on developing and positioning nonfiction proposals; negotiating terms; contract review; strategizing marketing plans to promote your books; counseling on electronic rights; and planning your career as a nonfiction writer.

The Rosenberg Group was created to help nonfiction writers make sense of the changes in the publishing industry and increase their earning potential. Please refer to my Areas of Interest page for the markets I am most interested in representing.


Barbara Collins Rosenberg