Author/Agent Questions

1a.  Do textbook authors need an agent? Part 1

1b.  Do textbook authors need an agent? Part 2

2.   I've been told that an agent can only make a slight difference in the terms of a college textbook contract. Aren't agents useful only if one is planning on becoming a prolific textbook writer? What if I'm planning to write just one textbook?

3. How long does it take for an agent to get a response from an editor?

4.  Would you comment a bit on how you feel your previous career as an editor helps you as an agent?

5.  Can you briefly comment on your negotiating style and philosophy? How assertive are you? Would you describe yourself as hard-nosed or laid-back? Would you comment on your ideas about advances?

6.  What expectations do you have of me as an author? Heck, as a person?

7  How involved are you in career guidance?

8.  How much editorial input do you like to have?

9.  Do you handle publicity? Are you open to be a sounding board for publicity ideas?

Agency Agreement Questions

1. Why do you require a signed Agency Agreement before agreeing to represent an author's work?

2.  What constitutes "reasonably necessary" regarding the hiring of sub-agents?

3.  What does "Agency will continue to earn commission in perpetuity" mean? What if a book goes out of print and the rights revert back to me and I decide to have a new agent sell them again?

4.  What does "license" refer to? Do you always consult with authors before any agreement is made with regard to their work?

5.  What does the phrase "and in the event a transaction with the same party on substantially the same terms appear on such writing is consummated within 6 months of receipt of notice of termination, Agency will be entitled to the commission specified in Section 2 on such transaction" mean?

6.  Does the last paragraph of the Governing Law Clause (Clause 9) refer to representations between the author and The Rosenberg Group only?

7.  Will we use Schedule 1 for each new work accepted by The Rosenberg Group?

8.  Do you provide a 1099 at year-end?

9.  Do you return your commission if a contract is terminated?

10. Why does your Agreement with clients extend for an "indefinite term?"